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Scientists Combat running-related injuries

Runners share their data and report their injury status

Scientists analyse the data

Evidence-based knowledge rise

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Leading center for running research

Interdisciplinary collaboration

Identify safe running programmes

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You help us

... and we help you

Our primary goal is to help runners stay active by reducing the risk of injury. We complete large-scale research projects that can identify causal mechanisms to injury development, aid injury prevention and identify effective return-to-sport treatments

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Smartphone applications

Use applications for iOS or Android phones

Track your data while running

Upload your data and complete questionairres

We analyse the data and translate the results into plain language

RUNSAFE - Beyond Running-Related Injuries - Research - Passion

All runners included in our research projects gain access to an online diary for free. Use your smartphone (iOS or Android) or GPS watch (Garmin) to track your running, recieve real-time feedback while running, upload your data, and analyse your data in your diary. 


The RUNSAFE researchers publish papers in peer-reviewed journals within sport science, physical therapy, othopedics and public health. A complete list of publications is presented below. In case the paper is published as open access, it is possible to download the publication directly (PDF).


RUNSAFE interdisciplinary collaboration

The interdisciplinary collaboration stems from partners within physical therapy, sport science, othopedics, biostatistics, epidemiology, biomechanics, midwifery and physiology. The Danish researchers are positioned at Aalborg University Hospital, Aalborg Hospital, Aarhus University Hospital, Aarhus University, University of Southern Denmark, University of Copenhagen. The international collaborators include scientists from CRP Santé in Luxembourg and Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. 

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Our partners

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